Parrots are among the smartest members of the animal kingdom. Come enjoy a scrumptious buffet of local Singapore delights and be delighted by the cheeky antics of these Einsteins of the avian world.

Join our feathered friends as they demonstrate a series of fantastic tricks ranging from demonstrating unique problem solving skills to performing back flips and sit-ups to teaching you how to recycle!

Watch in awe as Pikasso, our talented sulphur crested cockatoo deftly paints a modern masterpiece right before your eyes. After the show, guests can also purchase one of his works and proceeds of the sale will go to the conservation and upkeep of the birds in the Park. Be amazed as you watch our yellow-headed Amazon mimic a variety of animal and human noises from crying to laughing and even whistling. He will even sing a song or two!

Venue Operating Hours Price
Flamingo Lodge / Songbird Terrace 12.30pm - 2.00pm (Daily) $25.00 (Adult)
$20.00 (Child 6 -12 years old)
Animal Appearance at Songbird Terrace 1.00pm - 1.30pm (Daily)  

For further enquiries, please contact our Sales Reservations team at (65) 6360 8560 or email [email protected].
*All prices are in Singapore Dollars and inclusive of GST. Jurong Bird Park admission of $30.00 (Adult) and $20.00 (Child) applies.

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